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Lorie Foster
"After 12 weeks of training, I have lost 18.5 inches and 14lbs. Can not wait to see what is to come in the next 12 Weeks! Thanks to Coach Audrey Carpenter and Coach John Coasto and all my cheerleaders!"
Brantley Willett
"I lost about 42 pounds but during the challenge. We went over what i should be eating and once i started eating more I started losing weight again. I FINALLY fit back into one of my old wardrobes that i haven't been able to wear in 3.5year and that is the most exciting part."
Faith Hurley
"Changing the kinds of food I ate made a big difference at first and I lost 15 lb just by doing that and going twice a week. Then I hit a plateau, so I increased to 3 times a week and lost a few more pounts. I lost 20 more pounds in 12 weeks.  I also run 3 miles on the weekend."
Tiffany Williams
"I've learned a lot and totally not going back to my prior eating habits. Thank you Action Fitness for giving me the tools, resources and know how to successfully pull off my first Whole30! Feeling Accomplished!"
Top 5 Reasons You are going to Love Action Fitness
1. It's a fun, friendly atmosphere.

2. Reach your goal weight with our tailored training.

3. Our coaches are experts with years of experience in helping women lose weight.

4. Meet like-minded people in the same situation as you.

5. Live a better life style.
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