Questions? Let's chat!  703-877-0700
Questions? Let's chat!  703-877-0700
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Questions? Let's chat!  703-877-0700
Who Is Action Fitness And What Are We All About?
We Are A Community Dedicated To Self Improvement
We are a group of people - all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities, languages and religions. We all have stories and life experiences and what brings us together is the burning desire to be our best and help others do the same. What separates us from other gyms and trainers is that we genuinely care about helping others be their best. 
We Are Fitness Professionals - But The Cool Kind 💪
Action Fitness was founded in 2011 initially from on-site programs for teachers at local Fairfax County Public Schools, where classes were offered to nearly 100 teachers every week in group strength and conditioning classes. 

What we realized was that the big gym environment pushed a lot of people away. Unfriendly, lack of adjustment to all fitness levels and injuries to most regular gym goers or people who desired to create the habit. 

This was what Action Fitness was founded on - working with groups of people at once of all different backgrounds, fitness levels etc. and challenging them while having fun in the process. In 2013 our bootcamp programs transitioned from local public schools and outdoor bootcamps into our first facility in Fairfax.
What We Offer
At our location in Fairfax you'll find custom solutions to your health, fitness and weight loss needs in a small (1-4 people) or "large" group setting (5-15 people). We have a unique fitness program focused on challenging people where they are at today to intelligently and effectively get you to where you need to be!
Are You Ready To Completely Transform Your Health, Mind And Body?
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